God’s Priority

I am so excited to soon be able to offer you my new booklet on Prayer & Fasting.  This booklet is the fourth in a series meant to deepen our understanding and reach in the Kingdom principles of Healing, Faith and the Word.  I daily live the principles I am sharing with you and can testify to the power of God at work in my life.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the first three booklets, please get them —- >(Healing, Faith & The Word) and read them (they are available in Kindle and paperback)!

Prayer & Fasting will be out in the next month, and you won’t want to miss it!  The following post is an excerpt from the booklet.


What is God’s first priority?

What is the most important thing to our great big God?

We can look at one of God’s greatest ambassadors to clear this question up. The Apostle Paul answered this question, for this dispensation in which we live, when he declared, “First of all, prayer…” Our great God wants us to begin everything with prayer.

Why should there be a plan of prayer? Is God not almighty, all-powerful, omnipotent and supreme? Could He possibly need any help outside of Himself? After all, self-sufficiency is one of His attributes! How could He need anything from a creature He created?

Genesis establishes that He spoke Words and created everything we know as reality; and this same Word continues to maintain and uphold His creation. With all that being truth—why did God devise this plan of prayer? He obviously didn’t need us at creation. Why did He make this decision to be tied to and dependent on the prayers of mankind?

It’s all about relationship. God longs for relationship with us. He originally created Adam and Eve and would come every evening to walk in the Garden of Eden just to talk with them. God wanted a free-will moral agent who would willingly chose Him and His love.

As this love story unfolds, it takes a turn that so many stories have taken. Mankind reaches for something outside of God’s love because of a false promise. Satan deceived Eve, and Adam followed the deception. God was spurned and man became acquainted with sin.

Then God enacted Part 2 of the play and redeemed us from our sin on Calvary. Just as the original plot line read, so Part 2 reads; we are allowed to make our choice. From the beginning of the story, when man walked away from Him, God already had a plan in place so there would still be a form of communication with Him. We call it prayer.

God hinges His actions on prayer. It would be impossible in such a short post to quote all the scriptural references that prove the direct and personal connection of prayer to God. [1] Prayer is the divinely appointed means by which man comes into direct contact with God. The truth is He can do nothing in the domain of human deliverance and ransom apart from human coadjuvancy through prayer and faith.

Prayer wasn’t created to get God in a good mood or to bribe Him. Prayer is not something you do, it is a relationship you have. It can’t be something you check off of your ‘to do’ list as you sigh a sigh of relief. We don’t pray to get something, we pray to build a relationship and see what God wants us to be, to do, and to have. Any truly surrendered child of God wants God’s will. We pray to inquire of His will. His will is always found in His Word. There is beauty in daily conversation with this King of Kings.

Dig into prayer. It will give you strength and stability for this utterly uncertain day we are living in.

Let’s meet at the throne! Things always look better after a trip there!


[1] [1] II Chronicles 7:14 Daniel 9:2-3 Isaiah 62:6-7 Ezekiel 22:30 Matthew 13:58