Teri Spears
Price: $15.00Are you tired? Do you feel used up and powerless? Do you feel like life is colorless at best and is an endless stream of unyielding emotions?Then this book is for you! The original revelation that became a launching board for this book, came to me from a cowboy hat wearing prophet and it has forever changed my life. He opened one of God’s greatest treasures to me and I recognized that the abundance of God was in attaining these Five Miracles. Through this writing, I am sharing them with you in hopes of you fulfilling your God-given destiny with energy, power and joy in full color.God’s desire is for you to attain these Five Miracles and to see, hear, think, love and feel as He does. I invite you to join me on this journey.


It’s Okay To Ask Why
Teri Spears
Price: $15.00

When you find yourself asking one of life’s biggest questions, it’s great to know someone has been there before you

and survived! A book for everyone, join Teri as she explores the “Why” of life.

It’s okay to ask why…
Why did this happen?
Why am I facing this tragedy?
Why aren’t all prayers answered?
Why does every decision matter?

The “whys” of life can overwhelm us and override our best judgment if we allow them. Yet when we consider them from the right perspective, whys are virtually always at the intersections of who you once were and who you are becoming.

It’s okay to ask “why.” Sometimes the why is the launching pad for discovering the Who.


Teri Spears
Price: $15.00

Life Interrupted is a fresh and raw accounting of some of life’s most robust challenges; overcoming illness and trusting God through struggle. Teri Spears shares her journey through years of what was deemed terminal illness into the full and miraculous healing God provided. Teri’s journey of pain and struggle is more of a triumph than a tragedy as she shares very openly the story of tears, pain, loss, and struggle often laced with bouts of healing laughter. Themes of learning to trust God through difficulty, staying grounded in the Word of God, and rising above circumstances resonate throughout this beautifully written narrative. Teri’s story will bring encouragement and hope to anyone who opens its pages and walks the journey with her.


  • Iowa District Convention
    I just want let you know I bought "Life Interrupted" last week at Iowa Dist. Convention. I knew some your testimony -- prayed for you through your sickness, was at Summons when you were healed. I was aware of somethings you suffered and rejoiced when it was over. But now I have a much better understanding of the magnitude of your miracle! I keep thinking of the message Bro. Jerry Jones preached that was called "An Extravagant God" and what an extravagant work He did for you! What an uplifting book you've written. Simply awesome! God bless you! ~Kimberly Terry
  • Jonesboro, GA
    Today I finished reading your inspiring book. Beautifully written, amazing God revealed by your anointed heart and pen.~~Estelle Rogers, Jonesboro, GA.


T. W. Barnes
Price: $12.00

If you need healing, you need to know the origin of sickness. Where did it come from? Who started it? Before sin entered the world there was no sickness. Through Adam and Eve sin entered the world, and sickness came with their sin. Sin and sickness are twins. They always travel together. When God finished creating the earth, the animals, and had made man, He looked at it and said it was very good. God created Adam and Eve healthy and happy. Sickness came as a result of their sin and with it came old age, gray hair, teeth coming out, wrinkled faces, sickness, and finally death. If Eve had not listened to the snake, she and Adam would be alive today. Sin brought sickness into the world and is keeping it here. However, God in His love made a way for us to have healing. The stripes laid on the back of Jesus in Pilate’s Hall bought our healing.



Teri Spears
Price: $8.00

Booklet three of a four-part series on Healing, The Word, Fasting and Faith has just been released and you don’t want to miss adding this encouraging and insightful booklet to your library. How do we walk by faith? In this booklet Teri gives you principles to build on as you move from “faith to faith, glory to glory.”


Teri Spears
Price: $8.00

Booklet two of a four-part series on Healing, The Word, Fasting and Faith has just been released. 44 pages carefully drawing a link between the science of LIGHT and the power of spoken Word which brings LIGHT into every situation, no matter how dark. You owe it to yourself to be energized by “The Word.” Teri shows you how.



Teri Spears
Price: $8.00

Booklet one of a four-part series on Healing, The Word, Fasting and Faith has just been released. 32 pages of inspirational and Scriptural information on the topic of healing is followed by a section of actual Scriptures Teri used during her illness.

Teri Spears
Price $8.00

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